Virtualization and cloud computing sound

Comparing Virtualization and Hypervisor Tech

Virtualization and cloud computing sound interchangeable, but they realy are not the same thing. One excellent advantage of virtualization is that there are a limited number of devices and drivers to work with. One major disadvantage is that disk I/O suffers with virtualization technology. Cloud virtualization offers different types like Rapid Deployment Servers, Customized Servers, and Fully Managed Servers. IT teams need these important tools to manage virtual server technologies.

Computer Forensics Investigations

Computer Forensics Investigations: Body of Evidence

A computer forensics practice requires more planning. The digital forensic science field is leading the way today. The important crime evidence from computer forensics investigations is usually subjected to the same rules. guidelines and practices of other electronics or digital device evidence extractions. The digital evidence is just a piece of the body of evidence that can be lawfully used in a case in the court of law.